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Category Pub. Date Title Description
Art 2017 Smart History Art history
Art 2015 National Society for Education in Art & Design NSEAD website
Careers Education 2016 Cegnet: Supporting Careers Education.. An online community for teachers, careers professionals and supporters of career development to share news and resources
Careers Education 2015 Careers guidance and inspiration in schools Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff March 2015
Character Education 2019 Teacher Resources from The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues eacher Resources from The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues
Chemistry 2018 Education in Chemistry Royal Society of Chemistry website
Chemistry 2018 A Chemical Orthdoxy: Schools, Science and Education Website and resources from Adam Boxer
Citizenship 2016 Association for Citizenship Teaching Association for Citizenship Teaching website
Computing 2018 Computer Science Education Resource Guide Computer Science Education Resource Guide from SmartScholar
Computing 2016 Computing at School Computing at School website
Computing 2015 CAS Computational thinking: a guide for teachers CAS Computational thinking: a guide for teachers
Computing 2015 Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science
Curriculum 2018 BBC Teach BBC video resources for various areas of the curriculum
Design and technology 2016 D&T: The Design and Technology Association DATA (Design and Technology Association website
Drama 2015 National Drama National Drama website
Early Years/Foundation Stage 2019 Getting it right in the Early Years Foundation Stage:a review of the evidence Report by Chris Pascal, Tony Bertram, Liz Rouseof Centre for Research in Early Childhood
Early Years/Foundation Stage 2015 Early years education and childcare Early years education and childcare Lessons from evidence and future priorities by Josh Hillman and Teresa Williams, Nuffield Foundation
Early Years/Foundation Stage 2012 Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Non-statutory guidance material to support practitioners in implementing the statutory requirements of the EYFS
Engineering 2018 Engineering: take a closer look YearofEngineering website sponsored by DfE
English 2017 Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation Resource from
English 2016 English and Media Centre blog English and Media Centre blog
English 2015 National Association for the teaching of English National Association for the teaching of English website
Environmental studies 2018 Lesson Plans - Learning Resources about the environment and sustainability for teachers Resources from the Young People's Trust for the Environment
Financial Education 2018 Your Money Matters Book on financial education produced by Young Money charity with guidance from Martin Lewis
Geography 2020 Royal Geographical Society Royal Geographical Society resources
Geography 2016 YouTube Channels You Should Follow To Know About Geography Ed Tech Review article with links to video resources
Geography 2015 Geographical Association Geographical Association website
History 2020 Teaching British Histories of Race, Migration and Empire Resources from the Institute of Historical Research/School for Advanced Study, Univerity of London
History 2019 Onebighistorydepartment Onebighistorydepartment (OBHD) has been created by the members of the Secondary Committee of the Historical Association
History 2018 meanwhile, elsewhere… Expanding historical horizons beyond the taught curriculum Looking at history elsewhere... by Will Bailey-Watson and Richard Kennett
History 2018 Our Migration Story: The making of Britain History of British migration through the ages
History 2018 Big History Project 13.8 Billion Years of History. Free. Online.
History 2017 One Damn Thing History website run by Ed Podesta
History 2016 Clio et cetera Clio et cetera resources for trainee history teachers from Michael Fordham
History 2016 History Teaching Edited by Michael Fordham A Bibliographical Guide History Teaching Edited by Michael Fordham A Bibliographical Guide
History 2015 History Learning History Learning is an online study guide for history students
History 2015 Aheadofhistory Blog and resources by Stuart Godman
History 2015 Historical Association Historical Association website
Literacy 2019 Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools Seven recommendations from the EEF related to reading, writing, talk, vocabulary development and supporting struggling students.
Literacy 2019 Interventions for literacy Interventions for literacy from The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust
Literacy 2018 What works for children and young people with literacy difficulties? The effectiveness of intervention schemes, Greg Brooks Emeritus Professor of Education University of Sheffield
Literacy 2018 Early literacy approaches Education Endowment Foundation guidance on early literacy
Literacy 2018 Closing the Vocabulary Gap resources Resources by Alex Quigley from Huntingdon Research School
Literacy 2018 Speech, language and communication resources from The Communication Trust Speech, language and communication resources from The Communication Trust
Literacy 2017 Core comprehension skills Articles and resources on getting reading right by Kathryn Pennington
Literacy 2017 Improving Literacy in Key Stage Two Education Endowment Foundation guidance
Literacy 2016 Improving Literacy in Key Stage One Education Endowment Foundation guidance
Literacy 2016 10 Good Spelling Apps Recommendations from Ipad apps for school by Richard Byrne
Literacy 2015 National Literacy Trust National Literacy Trust website
Mathematics 2017 Improving Maths in Key Stages Two & Three Education Endowment Foundation guidance
Mathematics 2017 White Rose Maths White Rose Maths resources - free on the TES website
Mathematics 2017 Maths Resource Websites Collection of maths resources websites compiled by @EJmaths
Mathematics 2016 Resourceaholic Ideas and resources for teaching secondary school mathematics
Mathematics 2016 Tools for Maths Teachers
Mathematics 2016 Mathematics, Learning and Technology Colleen Young's maths website
Mathematics 2016 Mathematics Assessment Project The Mathematics Assessment Project is part of the Math Design Collaborative initiated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Mathematics 2016 Scott Baldridge: for research mathematicians, math teachers Scott Baldridge is lead writer and mathematic, Eurika Math/Engage NY and Mathematician at Lousianna State University
Mathematics 2016 Underground Mathematics Rich resources for teaching A level mathematics Resources for teaching A level mathematics
Mathematics 2016 teachMathematics teachMathematics website
Mathematics 2015 Effective teaching in elementary mathematics: Identifying classroom practices that support student achievement Economics of Education Review article by David Blazar
Mathematics 2015 National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics NCETM website
Mathematics 2015 Association for Teachers of Mathematics ATM website
Mathematics 2015 Weteachmaths Maths resources
Mathematics 2015 YouCubed Maths website produced by Jo Boaler from Stanford University
Mathematics 2012 Maths: Made to measure Ofsted survey report looking at maths inspection evidence drawing attention to serious inequalities in pupils’ experiences and achievements
Modern Foreign Languages 2019 National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy NCELP Resource Portal
Modern Foreign Languages 2015 Association for Language Learning Association for Language Learning website
Modern Foreign Languages 2015 Links to free interactive sites
Music 2015 Music Mark UK Association for MUsic Education
Music 2015 The National Curriculum Primary and secondary assessment progression frameworks
National Curriculum 2015 National curriculum in England: primary curriculum National curriculum in England: primary curriculum
National Curriculum 2014 National Curriculum National Curriculum: key documents
PE 2015 Association for Physical Education Association for Physical Education website
PE 2015 Healthy Active Lifestyles Healthy Active Lifestyles
Philosophy 2015 WiPhi Open access philosophy
Phonics 2015 Mr Thorne does Phonics Mr Thorne does phonics
Phonics 2015 Phonics Play Free interactive phonics games, planning and assessment
Physics 2016 YouTube videos to follow to learn about physics EdTechReview list by Priyanka Gupta
Physics 2016 Institute of Physics Resources section Institute of Physics Resources section
PSHE 2019 The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships Written by Jenny Walsh, with Anne Mitchell and Mandy Hudson of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), La Trobe University. The project was funded by the Australian Government.
PSHE 2019 Ask for Evidence Ask for Evidence is a campaign that helps people request for themselves the evidence behind news stories, marketing claims and policies.
PSHE 2017 When I worry about things Brief videos on mental health issues aimed at pupils aged 8-13 on the BBC Teach website
PSHE 2017 Public Health England School Zone PSHE resources from Public Health England
PSHE 2017 Rise Above for Schools Resources to help teach PSHE curriculum topics to KS3 and KS4
PSHE 2017 Sex and relationships education (SRE) resources for teachers Sex and relationships education (SRE) resources for teachers from
PSHE 2016 PSHE Association The association for PSHE teachers, leads and other practitioners
PSHE 2016 Form Time Ideas Daily news, activities and games to use with your tutor group during form.
PSHE 2015 Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education: a review of impact and effective practice Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education: a review of impact and effective practice
Religious Education 2019 Primary ITT Tutors Toolkit TeachRE supporting Primary ITT tutors with plans and resources
Religious Education 2015 National Association of Teachers of Religious Education NATRE website
Science 2018 Improving Secondary Science EDucation Endowment Foundation report
Science 2018 Good Science in Primary School Resources and short videos from the University of Hertfordshire
Science 2017 Science teaching resources Science teaching resources from
Science 2015 The Inquiry Project The Inquiry Project is a research and curriculum development effort from the States that engages students in grades 3-5 in science inquiry about the nature of matter.
Science 2015 Association for Science Education Association for Science Education website
Science 2015 Science teaching resources Free teaching resources from the Science Teacher: ideas to support effective pedagogy to challenge students to think deeply about concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
STEM 2018 Meeting the Teachers' Standards (primary) STEM Learning resources
STEM 2018 STEM Online CPD Register for free to access STEM teaching CPD
Subject knowledge 2020 3. Subject and curriculum Early Career Hub resources from the Chartered College of Teaching
Technology 2019 Using Technology in Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning Free FutureLearn course exploring effective research-informed ways of using technology to support teaching and learning in the classroom
Writing 2016 Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively WHAT WORKS CLEARINGHOUSE guide